Achieving a positive return on the money invested in a Retirement Pot can be a challenge, but this is why we offer different Strategies for members to choose from. Members can either let us manage their investments for them, or, they can choose to manage their investments themselves.


Achieving a positive return on the money that you have invested in your Retirement Pot can be a challenge, but this is why we offer members different Strategies to choose from.

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... you have a very low risk appetite and accept that likely returns will be lower (and may be negative) as a consequence.

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... you have a medium risk appetite and you want to broadly match the cost of annuities (i.e. pensions).

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Lower Risk

... you have a medium risk appetite and would like to target an investment return in excess of inflation but with low to medium levels of volatility.

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Balanced Risk

... you are looking for a medium to high risk strategy and can accept volatility of returns.

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Higher Risk

... you are looking for a high risk strategy and can accept volatility of returns through exposure to a variety of assets.

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... you want to achieve high long-term returns and can tolerate big ups and downs in short-term performance.

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If you invest in these products, you may lose some or all of the money you invest

Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance

The value of your investments may go down as well as up


How the CONNECT Retirement Strategy works

The CONNECT Retirement Strategy consists of two phases, which span the years of your pension savings. It starts from the moment you join the Strategy up to the date that you retire.

PHASE 1: Focus on investment growth

Phase 1 puts you in Strategies suitable to acheive investment growth, while at the same time balancing investment risk. Initially, you will be completely invested in a Growth Strategy which aims to maximise your return by holding investments that target high long-term returns.

When you get to 11 years from your retirement, we start to automatically move your Retirement Pot into a wider variety of Strategies. Your Retirement Pot will gradually invest in more diversified investments to reduce the impact of volatile markets as you approach retirement.


PHASE 2: Focus on retirement

In Phase 2, the focus is to help protect the amount of your Retirement Pot against market fluctuations as you get closer to your retirement date and to target the benefits that you are most likely to take on retirement. It therefore moves your Retirement Pot into strategies that will be suitable for how you are most likely to use them upon reaching retirement.


You might for example take a cash lump sum, purchase a pension for life (annuity) or keep part of your fund for a post retirement investment in an Approved Retirement Fund (ARF). Depending on your individual circumstances we will switch your retirement savings into investment strategies that best match the benefits likely to be taken by you.


Six years from your retirement date, Phase 2 starts to move 20% of your Retirement Pot every year into Strategies that match your likely benefits when you reach retirement.





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